Stone and Strength and Mud

Ireland challenged me to refine everything again. Her land of rolling rust and green, life and water everywhere, wisdom-spoke and welcomed change. Rain and wind and rock and sea. Stone and strength and mud and verdant valleys of feminine receptivity. Cairns and Clochán and faerie forts and stone circles and ancestral keys turning, turning, turning... She holds your heart in her hospitality and invites you to remember. Our pilgrimage stripped me bare, scrubbed and nourished every cell of my being. The Dragon who hides in the mist arrived passionately at Mamean (one of our first pilgrimage site hikes) with its power of transformation, and stayed with me the whole time.

The skin and bone and breath of the Irish people rises right out of the land, sky and sea. Their connection to All has not been forgotten. The stone walls and thatched rooves also feel interwoven into the landscape. The invitation is to do the same. Drop pretence and be natural. Here, the fae folk find easy lines to bridge worlds. The land hums. Ancient earth tribes found stillness and ecstacy in communion with God, connecting with portal stones and humble temples to bridge heaven and earth. We did too.

When I got home to Portland, I felt a blank-ness for a moment. A no-mind, cellular circuitry humming type of moment, or rather this feeling lasted about a week or so. No words to explain to anyone what occurred for me and our journeying tribe. So sacred was the experience that linear explanation could not touch it. I still do not really tell stories: “Oh, we went here and there and did this and that”… really, what words express all of the layers of being that we explored alone and together as the contracting, expanding, contracting, expanding mulit-universe amoeba of 18 sensitive hermits traveling together through the sacred sites of SW Ireland and remembering lineage, memory and belonging?

Singular words have entered: courage, sovereignty, grace, ocean, earth, roots, branches, reciprocity, change, evolution, cycles within cycles… and questions: how may we sustain one another? What does it mean to be sovereign in family, in community? What is the mist showing us? Where does it lead? What is evolution? And reminders: Be authentic. Stay close to yourself. Listen. The dragon lives in the rock, hides and flies in the clouds. Do not drop the pearl. Touch into the circular ripples to honor and inspire one another. Know when to nourish your light and when to shine. Stay close to yourself. Listen. The dark, muddy places are ok too. Do not hide. Practice, practice: feet firm on earth (or deep in the muck), heart-mind open to heaven. Receive to give. Give to receive. Find your edge and keep walking with courage. The edge is where evolution is.

Sovereignty is the center of the Celtic spirit wheel. It is the hearth fire of our home, our village, of our own core. Sovereignty is listening in, looking in closely. Every moment, existing in your Home within your body so as to live your truth, connect with truth, and invite others to do the same. Coming together and sharing in this authentic place is co-evolution. Hearth fire and community cultivated through the Òran Mór, the big song, the song of life and simplicty. We are a mystical mandala of nodes who nourish Self and one another. I love you, my long line of blood and soul family. I love you, my origin of star and earth.

Since having left our Irish home and returned to this one, Cassan, our son, has turned 5 and lost his first tooth. We are in the midst, or shall I say Mist, of re-creating and refining our business once again. We are finding and re-defining our harmonious rhythms in our home. I am seeing the multi-dimensional parallels of journeying to a distant homeland as I move through my days. Lately I have been deepening my relationship with the muck, the stagnant places, and recognizing strength in going there. Also I observe and feel warmed by my internal hearth fire and it's ability to reveal, cleanse, clear and re-create.

One breath I am strong. The next I am vulnerable. One breath I am sovereign, the next whoever’s around flows through me. Hold boundaries when needed. I am not afraid but sometimes I am and that’s ok. I am awkward. I am graceful. I laugh at the paradox. I cry because I feel your sorrow. I am sad for our planet and for the lost, broken people upon it. Pray. Sing for peace and clarity. I am baffled by the speed of modern day. Remember. No rush. Pause. Keep the fire rooted. I inherently know and respect a simpler way. Doing my best and trusting its enough. I know I am held in the arms of the Mother, the Dao, and I have true allies who know this too. I trust them to be spacious and patient with me and contribute to our collective growth with clarity and openness. Let's be real people together.

Thank you, Ryan my beloved, for grounding this Ireland pilgrimage into being... that we may more fully embrace our Celtic roots and blood for nourishment and depth of understanding... and to know the love and comfort of a land and ancient home. Thank you to our One Tribe, brave tavellers near and far. We continue to open our One Heart and tap into the One Root to know our Self and one another. Yes. We journey on the Way together every day.

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