One Root

Kristin Bowen

// vocals, kalimba, freenote wings, percussion


Kristin Bowen, a vocalist for most of her life, shares the medicine of authentic voice, offering what overflows naturally from her heart to help heal the listener and the earth. A Qigong instructor, co-owner of Sun Gate, and mother, she is inspired by the One and her plant, animal, and elemental allies.


 Her music is infused with a sense of awe, deep respect, and compassion for the natural world and inherent magic of life.

Ryan Powell

//guitar, didjeridu, flute, low whistle, percussion, vocals


Ryan Powell is a multi-instrumentalist, Qi of Sound Healer, co-owner of Sun Gate haven for cultivation, music and healing arts in Portland, Oregon and teacher of Emei Wu (Shamanic) Qigong, Neigong, Taiji, and Daoist healing arts.


He has been working with music as a vehicle for awakening and healing since 1996, beginning his journey with the Celtic group Blind Rafferty. 


He shares his musical dao in the stone circles of Ireland, the Dragon Gate caves of China, and wherever his way takes him.